Hello (again)

More than a year passed since my last post, and since I announced that I was leaving my position as the lead developer of iMazing.

Well, it did not last long, as I was in fact hired back in May 2015, at the exact same position.
And obviously, I've been pretty busy since then, hence the lack of updates on this site.

We've been mainly working on the second major update of iMazing.
Version 2.0 was released at same time as iOS 10.0, along with a completely new website.

Along with a refreshed user interface, iMazing 2.0 provides many new features, like automatic backup archiving (think TimeMachine for your iPhone/iPad).
We also focused on a better user experience, when backing-up or restoring devices.

iMazing 2.0 is also the only software capable of editing encrypted backups, regardless of the iOS version.
We're in fact already compatible with the upcoming iOS 10.2 release, which have some major security improvements in local backups.

So I'm pretty happy to be back, and continue to develop that awesome software.
And obviously, and as always, I'll try to do more blog posts in the future... : )