Migration to GitHub

I've just migrated all eosgarden's OpenSource projects from GoogleCode to GitHub.

I must say I still prefer SVN over GIT, as a version control system. That said, that's maybe because I got a strong experience with SVN, and not with GIT.

For now, the cool thing about GIT is the local commits. You don't need an internet connection to commit your files.
For the other features, we'll see later.

I took the decision to migrate to GIT mainly because of the social part of GitHub.
With a GoogleCode project, you got no visibility. But with GitHub, that's very different.

People can see what you're working on, fork your projects, participate easily, etc...
That's why I'm now going to create GIT projects instead of SVN, even if I'm not as experienced with GIT as I am with SVN.

So just take a look at my GitHub page, if you're interested: https://github.com/macmade