Vintage Computer Collection / Computer Nostalgia

I sometimes feel very nostalgic while using my computer. I find it amazing how things changed in a decade.

I remember how some people laughed at me, when I was young, because I had a Macintosh and because I couldn’t run the latest PC games....
And I remember ignoring them, as I was already in love with those machines, trying to blindly hack Mac OS 7 with ResEdit (almost always resulting in disasters)...

Now it sometimes feels like the exact opposite.

And I’m always amazed to see that many people, journalist and fanboys in the Apple community only know about Apple since the Intel switch.

But maybe that’s OK, it’s just me getting old ; )

Anyway, I decided to catalog all the old/vintage hardware I still own. Tons of sweet memories!

You can see the list here:.

It’s almost complete, even if I still need to catalog the old manuals I own, as some of them can be pretty rare nowadays…



10/21/2013 20:50
actually, when I see old computers I start crying, because they looks so qt.