Spring cleaning

Ok folks, that’s it… A few days ago, I decided to close all my software development activities on my main site, eosgarden.com.

It was a tough decision to make, as it implies the discontinuation of all previously published software.
But I really needed to stop focusing on the past, and on software I originally developed years ago.

Simply some fresh air, in order to focus on new/actual stuff and personal projects.

The eosgarden website will stay as-is, but will no longer be updated.
All published software have been discontinued, meaning they won’t be updated anymore.
Commercial software are now completely free to use (a valid serial number is provided on the download page).

That’s the end of a long story, but I have to admit it feels good.
Maintaining all this stuff was just too much, between my work as a development engineer for DigiDNA (an awesome swiss-australian software company), my current and personal code projects, and my private life.

So here we go, ready for a complete new start.
But this time, no more commercial software, and in fact no more end-user software at all.
I’ll just focus on the personal projects I want to develop, like the XEOS Operating System, and related stuff.
A new web home will soon be launched, for all of this stuff, so stay tuned…

And hopefully, I’ll have some more time blogging now… : )