Goodbye iMazing

Last week was my last week as a software engineer at DigiDNA, publisher of iMazing (previously DiskAid).

It has been four awesome years working with the folks at DigiDNA.
Leaving such a job is always sad, but I decided it was time for me to move towards new experiences and challenges.

iMazing is an iPhone and iPad management utility, available for Mac and Windows.
It used to be called DiskAid, until recently.

When I was hired back in 2011, version 5 of DiskAid was near completion.
I did a few debugging, as well as a few UI works for the Mac version.

But at the time, my main focus was the company's iPhone applications, namely FileApp and FileApp Pro, which I ended rewriting completely.

Left to right: FileApp's original icon, refactored version, actual version.

The rewrite was a huge risk, but it ended as a true success.
So we decided to apply the same strategy for the next version of DiskAid. Obviously, this was even more risky.

But approximatively a year later, we were able to ship the all new DiskAid 6, bringing tons of new features, multiple device capabilities, a whole new user interface, etc.
This was truly awesome, seeing all that hard work going live.

DiskAid evolution: version 4.7 and 6.7.

The next year, we crafted the Windows version, while keeping adding feature to the Mac version.

Finally, last year, DiskAid was renamed iMazing.
At the occasion, we brought a more elegant user interface, finely tuned for Apple's new operating system - OS X Yosemite.

iMazing current version.

And obviously, tons of new features like copying music to the device.

I was personally in charge for that last one, and it surely was a hell.
But again, after months without sleep, seeing such an awaited feature going live is truly amazing (pun intended).

I really feel like we did an incredibly awesome job these last years, and I want to thank all of the fantastic guys at DigiDNA.
I think we really brought iMazing to the level it deserves, and I'm leaving with a confident and clear mind.

So now let's head for new stories!
Cheers guys!