WebStart announced!

Today, I decided to announce WebStart, eosgarden's major product.
No release date has been fixed, but I'm very close to the end of the development.

The main purpose of WebStart is to provide you with a workable web and database server.
Therefore, it includes the Apache 2 HTTP server (with the PHP scripting language), the MySQL database server, and the OpenLDAP directory service.

But WebStart is more than just a packaged version of those software. It also provides you with a full-featured web development environment, with more than 50 useful tools, that web developers often need.

It has software for automatic image generation, software revision control, document conversion, automated documentation generation, testing, etc.

All that stuff is installed in a specific directory, separate from the system paths, so you don't have to worry when you upgrade your Mac OS X system. It does not replace any exisiting software on your computer. It's just here at your convenience, so you can concentrate on your development tasks, rather than on compiling and installing software again and again from scratch.


02/11/2011 13:56

just learned about webstart - how does it compare to MAMP? what's the pricing?

Jean-David Gadina
02/13/2011 17:35

Thanx for your message.
Well, it does not really compare to MAMP... ; )

It has the same kind of feature as a MAMP Pro, but WebStart is more than just an application
It comes with a full featured environment, including everything a developer should need.

You can see the included software on the eosgarden website:

I haven't decided the pricing yet, but it surely won't be too much expensive.

Thanks for your interest.
03/07/2011 05:42
what about support for xdebug?
that's a requirement for any php development and is built ito mamp pro.
Jean-David Gadina
03/07/2011 10:35
Hi Andy,

I have to say I completely forgot about XDebug...
I tried to compile last version for WebStart, but there are some issues.

I'll try to get in touch with the developer, to see what's wrong.
I'll include it as soon as possible, in a free upgrade.