Process Renicer

Here's a little preview of eosgarden's next freeware: ProcessRenicer.

Basically, it shows up the active processes, and adds the possibility to change to process nice value.
For those who don't know what the nice value is, here's the description from Wikipedia:

The name "nice" comes from the fact that the program's purpose is to modify a process niceness value. The true priority, used to decide how much cpu time to concede to each process, is calculated by the kernel process scheduler from a combination of the different processes niceness values and other data, such as the amount of I/O done by each process.

The name "niceness" originates from the idea that a process with a higher niceness value is "nicer" to other processes in the system, as it allows the other processes more cpu time, by having a lower priority (and therefore a higher niceness) itself.


02/28/2011 16:53
Hey this is a cool Programm
Jean-David Gadina
02/28/2011 17:18
Thanx a lot : )