The next big thing - XSFoundation

Long time since I haven't posted here.

I'm currently coding eosgarden's next big thing. A project called XSFoundation.
It consist of a portable C library. By portable, I mean it can run on POSIX compliant systems, such as Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, as well as Windows.

A few time ago, I started an insane project: coding an operating system.
The base for this OS, named XEOS (x86 Experimental Operating System) is now working, and it's even published on GitHub.

The main boot parts are coded in Assembly, and the 32bits kernel is coded in C. It also include a (not yet complete) C89 library.

I also decided to code another library for this OS, the XEOS library, to simplify C programming for XEOS software.
I ended up with the XSFoundation project. It will be integrated in XEOS once the C library will be complete.

For now, it's a standalone project, and I decided to make it portable on every OS.

XSFoundation is a C library providing object-oriented-like coding in C, reference counting memory management, multi-threading, base objects like array, dictionaries, sets, strings, numbers, URLs, timers, etc.
The design inspiration comes from Apple's Core Foundation.

Today, I achieved the final portability steps for Windows, which were multi-threading capabilities.
Now you can have exactly the same code, compiling on Window, Mac or Linux!

I'm now going to code the socket part, so the library will have network capabilities.

The project is also available on GitHub, and is distributed under the terms of the BOOST license:

Feel free to fork me on GitHub, and enjoy!


04/20/2011 12:31
Tu m’impressionneras toujours autant ! :)
Jean-David Gadina
04/20/2011 12:32
Merci monsieur ^^