About selling software

As a programmer, I do love developing freeware, or OpenSource software.
But sometimes, it's just not an option.

When you passed just too many days and nights coding, you'll certainly think about selling your software.
The question is how?

Selling a software implies creating a web-shop, with credit-card support, having a good serial number system, and maybe an online activation system.

Not easy... When you're software is ready, you usually don't want to spend more time for those tasks...

I personally use the «eSellerate» system: http://www.esellerate.net/

They just manage everything. Serial numbers, online activation, custom web-shops, in-app purchase, physical CD delivery, etc...

They provide a very well documented SDK (static library), that you can embed into your software.
No more hassle. It just works...

So if you need to sell software, and don't want to spend time on other things than developing, just take a look.