Apple 1 Replica - Project Started

Ok, the project finally started, even with the loss of my MacBook Pro, whose motherboard died...

I've began looking at the original schematics and documentation to identify all components, beginning with the power supply section.

For most components, identification is relatively easy. But of course, most of them are not available anymore, so I try to find good alternatives in such a case..
Whenever, I try to order stuff from Mouser Electronics, as it seems they have quite a large product base and as their website is quite easy to use.

In last resort, I try to find vintage components on eBay..
Unfortunately, rare components can be really expensive.

I've also created a repository for the project on GitHub.
The README file contains the listing of the components I'll use. I'll keep it updated with my new findings, so be sure to check this out if you're interested in the project.

Apple 1 Replica - Project Started

Jean-David Gadina
10/27/2013 01:20
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