WWDC 2013 - So what's new?

Well, a bunch of things...
Ok, there's no new iOS device... But I just don't care.

I personally don't need a 16-core phone, with a 1Gb pixels camera. Do you (except for telling others you've got the biggest phone)?

First of all, the new OSX Maverick looks awesome, and not only because the Finder now has tabs, or because the leather interface of iCal is history.

It looks like an awesome work has been done at the kernel level.

Memory compression, timer coalescing... That sounds like incredible and awesome work...
The end user won't know, but he will surely feel the difference, about power consumption and battery life...
And all that stuff is surely an incredible work, from a low-level perspective.

Then, the new Mac Pro. A long awaited upgrade, for all the pro-users out there.
But it's not just an upgrade. Performance has been bumped of course, but the all new design is more important, in my opinion.

It remembers me of the MacWorld 2000 keynote, when Apple introduced the G4 cube. An awesome and powerfull machine, enclosed in a brilliant design.
I bought one, back in the days, just because it was just so perfect.

And that's a great news about Apple. After years with the same hardware design, they are now offering us something completely new, something we can love, something we want to lick…

The pros will surely be happy with the new hardware specs, and it's a new beginning for Apple's hardware design.
So that's just great!

Now about iOS 7…
A lot of people are complaining about the new icons, the flat look, etc.
Personnaly, while I don't like the new springboard icons, I think the whole OS user interface is great.

Yep, it has some Android features. Yep, it has some Windows 8 look.

But wait… I thought Android and Windows 8 had iOS features…

So please leave the emotional part away, and once for a while, try to turn your brain on…

I find it scary how the same people who said repeatedly that Apple needed to improve iOS user interface with something more modern are now already feeling nostalgic about iOS 6.

You wanted a move, now you got it.
Like it or not, it's going to change things.
And if you're not ready to change your habbits, well next time don't criticize just because you need to say something.

I think that today, Apple replied wonderfully of all those tight-asses saying that innovation died with Steve Jobs.

And that's the best part of today's announcements.

Big thanks to Johnny Ive, Craig Federighi and Tim Cook.

WWDC 2013 - So what's new?

Jean-David Gadina
06/10/2013 20:56
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